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15th June 2005

It still hasn't hit me hard that I'm not going to go to NRHS for school anymore... how weird is that?
Throwing up my cap was my favorite part :) ... even though the wind pushed it back down so it didn't really go that high... and it flew behind me... so it was really close to me... so I still have it even though I thought that I would never see it again...

Good Luck Everyone!!! it's been real, but high school's over :(

college will be awesome though! :)
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Graduation is tomorrow.... I should be more emotional...


Wow... really bittersweet

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10th June 2005

10:25pm: PROM!!!
soo... updating has been hard since my computer is so messed up.
prom was awesome!!! the copa was cool and everyone looked soo great! it was so much fun looking at everyone's dresses and hair styles. i loved my dress!!! and my hair turned out really well considering i didn't give a very good description of what i wanted. i worked for 8 hours on thursday so my manicure is so messed up now. i wish i could have taken some more pics but i forgot my other disposable camera in the limo... afterprom pretty much sucked though. we went to the roxy and it was so crowded and sweaty... i sat down for most of the time and i was madd tired by the end of it. i got back to my house by 5:30am and i couldn't sleep so i watched the beauty and the geek episode that i tivo'd. what a great show... i want to go to another prom...
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1st May 2005

4:46pm: Not much going on... aps coming up and i'm def not studying as much as I did last year.

Just saw American History X with steph. whoa

Working was fun yesterday. It was really chill because even though it was a saturday night, it was raining a lot outside and all of the customers came in at a really good pace. BUT OMG THE SCARY KID FROM THE BAHAMAS CAME IN! It was only for like a minute. He came in, said hi to a few people sitting down and then left without getting anything. I don't know if he recognized me but i was really traumatized.
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24th April 2005

10:33pm: yo lehigh whatup


Current Mood: happy

yo beantown wut up

I can't put everything that happened during spring break into words.  It was just...amazing.  geeeeezzz a lot happened.  I wouldn't even know where to start even if I was going to write about it.  I'm really disappointed about the pics I took.  They just support the fact that I should not take pictures when I'm drunk.  Spring Break.... all about the bonding.  yyyeeaaahh it is

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5th April 2005


Just finished watching 24.  The last 10 minutes were intennnnssse.  What was the point in having the president's son?  To help his dad out with his speech? To make the crash sadder than it already was because the president was chillin with his son in a father/son moment? Maybe because the show needed a younger and cuter guy.  They really did need that.  Next week's episode should be good... with that whole football thing.  Actually I'm lying.  I did not understand anything about that preview.  I have no idea what was going on.  All I heard was football.  I think the commercials for the soundtrack to 24 are funny.  What is on that?? The beeping sound that the clock makes?  Mannnn I'm tired....

Current Mood: tired,butnotcrying...bear,wtf?

29th March 2005

8:17pm: sin sin sin ciiitttaayyy


Read more...Collapse )</p>
Current Mood: ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th March 2005

3:58pm: waitlisted...waitlisted...

Yesterday I found out that I got waitlisted for BU and today I was waitlisted for UDel's honors program (accepted into the regular program though).  I'm kind of mad at UDel - I really liked my honors program essay... it was about The Great Gatsby... I'm not so mad at BU because I know that I didn't put a huge effort into my extra comm essay.

Also today, I got into LEHIGH.  yyyaaayyyyy... I would be more excited if I wasn't waitlisted twice.  My parents keep saying "at least you didn't get rejected from anywhere."  I just don't like getting waitlisted.  It's like the college is saying that it doesn't know what to do with me so I'll just be their backup person.

I really really like Lehigh though and they gave me a really good scholarship.  It's in my top three... if I have a top three.  I don't have my heart set on any one school.  So that's my top choice of the school's that I have been accepted into so far.  That's cool...

"Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

So If You Have A Minute Why Don't We Go
Talk ABout It Somewhere Only We Know"

good song

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21st March 2005

11:11pm: Why do a bunch of people think it is a bad idea for me to work at Last Licks? I got the application on Friday when I went there with my ice cream buddy Noah. I also have applications for lifeguarding at a camp in Conn. with Eva and another one for lifeguarding at Beckwithe Point that's on Davenport. I'm scared to lifeguard though because I don't think that I can live up to the challenge of saving someone's life. I screw up in lifeguarding (the course) all the time and I don't think I would work well in that kind of constant pressure. So I think that the best idea for me is to work at Last Licks over the summer. If they want to hire me. And I don't care if it's cliche(prav) because it's a place to work and that's all that matters to me. I don't want to work at the math and reading center anymore because it's mad boring.
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14th March 2005

8:18pm: So my entire weekend was basically taken up by my second cousin's bat mitzvah service and the party. Saturday was the really long service and a really long lunch gathering afterward. Sunday was a ginormous party. This side of the family really likes to party. I wasn't seated with Josh which was really weird but I was at a table with Brandon (my second cousin also). We talked about college. He's a sophomore at RPI. On the other side of him were two brothers and a sister who all looked a lot alike. They were about our age but they didn't talk to us. On the other half of the table was a whole group of really really young couples like in their 20s but they were all married in their 20s couples so they completely ignored me, Brandon and the other three. They were mad annoying and they were all over eachother. Josh was seated at "Poolside with Paris Hilton" and I was seated at "Regis and Kelly's Conference Table???" I still don't get what the theme was. I think it was famous people or pop culture. At least I wasn't seated at "Lindsay Lohan's Health Club." I don't get the Health Club part. At one point the announcer was like "It's great that all of you could make it. One of Stephanie's friends came all the way from LA, it's Hilary Duff!" and I was like what the fuck and then this Hilary Duff impersonator came out and sang "coming clean" but changed the lyrics to stuff about Stephanie like "she loves to play tennis... and chillin' with her friends." They must have paid her a lot to do that. Well the whole thing was pretty boring except for the food which was awesome especially the dessert. One of the bartenders was really bitchy towards me and Josh. I think I could've gotten a cool drink if she wasn't there. Most of the waiters were in college on spring break and they were hot. I had a lot of chocolate and strawberry crepes and i hung around the chocolate waterfall a lot. I really liked my dress... it was cool.
sorry about entry. nobody should care about this
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11th March 2005

11:46pm: Sin City looks HOT

i wish i were in it cuz everyone else is

5th March 2005

11:15pm: So I went prom dress shopping at Lord and Taylor this morning. I went prom dress shopping a couple of weeks ago with Eva but this time I went with my mom. I didn't find a prom dress because I ended up trying on dresses for my cousin's Bat Mitzvah party next week. I found really hot dresses but they were all pretty slutty, really really low cut. My mom bought my three favorites and then we went home. My grandmother came over because we were going to this award ceremony where I was going to get a business achievement thibg. I tried on the dresses for her and she was like "oh my." Then I showed her my favorite except I wore a black tank top underneath it so I wouldn't freak her out too much and she really liked it. I could actually wear that dress to prom but I really want a long dress. I have to show it to someone that's not my mom or grandma.
After shopping, I went to the business award ceremony.
I just got back from going to dinner in chinatown with my parents and my dad's two friends and thier families. At the end of the dinner, we were talking outside and I was telling them the schools that I applied to. When I mentioned Lehigh, this guy popped out of nowhere and was like "hey, i go to lehigh" and I was like "whoa, where did you come from." So everyone was saying goodbye to eachother and this guy was just talking to me about Lehigh and how he was majoring in accounting and that it was such a party school. Really weird

I was hyper today, I had alotalot of sugar. Man I'm jumpy
I probably won't write again for a while.
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15th February 2005

11:04pm: Hey Mr. Science Guy
Don't spray that aerosol in my eye
I don't really wanna die.
I'm a noble rabbit...

if you know where that song is from, you are freakin awesome. i hope i wrote it right
so i don't really have much to say, nothing is goin on
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5th February 2005

7:18pm: someone take me to battle of the bands

i need more friends. damn, i sure wish i had my own car.

everyone's doin' it:
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Are you a moron?

ok, that's enough, i have to get out of here

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31st January 2005

4:39pm: so today was relaxing... senior cut day!!! i came into school for 2 hours, AP Gov and AB Calc. I went into Gov because we had presentations today. The bell rang while i was talking about my powerpoint slide and while trying to summarize everything on my paper, I just messed up a lot. that was embarrassing. lol, the presentations were on media and the government and the aol news thing talks about the press and gov't. http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20050131072009990029. just thought that that was weird...

I didn't mean to stay for calc but i walked out of my gov class, looking for my keys, and mr. morris just passed by and said hi to me. i couldn't cut his class after he saw me so i went to calc. there were like 8 people there. i went home and watched moulin rouge...with my mom...who wasn't really watching and that frustrated me. I was groggy and disconnected though.
so it was a boring day but at least i cut most of my classes... so that was good...

wow, what a crappy entry
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30th January 2005

11:20pm: 1) Open your music folder/iPod/etc
2) List the first artist you have under A, then under B, and so on until you have listed the whole alphabet
3) If you wish to include artists starting with numbers, put them first.

A Tribe Called Quest
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Carly Simon
Dandy Warhols
Faith Hill
Jackson Five
Led Zeppelin
Nada Surf
Pat Benatar
Savage Garden
Talking Heads
Van Halen

well, that was fun

23rd January 2005

Current Mood: accomplished
5:53pm: Got to keep it going keep it going full steam

i'm not writing the whole thing again, but i'll try to piece it back together again for you. this past week...

tifty ski trip: i decided to chill in the lodge this time because the last two tifty ski trips that i've been on were kind of messed up for me. the first time, i wanted to ski, but i wasn't on the list to get rentals, so it took awhile for that to be fixed for both days. didn't get a lot of good skiing in. the last time, i wanted to snowboard, but since i suck at snowboarding, i needed lessons. this time, i wasn't on the list to get lessons. that was another thing that took a really long time to fix. i ended up in a later class than everybody else from tifty who was getting snowboarding lessons. i also missed lunch with everyone. that sucked, and the next day i ended up spending more than half the time in the lodge playing cards. this time, i decided to stay in the lodge the entire time and save some money. it was a really good decision though. the there were some major taboo games goin on. there are so many inside jokes from that game but i can't even remember all of them right now. a memorable one was when amanda yelled out "SWIMMING BOOB!" when ali was trying to get us to say "breaststroke." she was dead serious when saying swimming boob. sooo funny. when i tell that to people that weren't there, they don't think it's that funny but it was def hilarious. tubing was fffuuuunnnn. 18 people all going down at once was really funny, but it hurt my face a lot, alotalot. the jets losing was emotional but then the tubing right after it was also emotional but an awesome emotional and that emotional outdid the first emotional.

MLK Jr. Day: it was so random but my chinese school class decided to get together to chill and practice the graduation play. we changed our entire play from the super long one from before. less lines to memorize! one guy came and i haven't seen him since he quit chinese school. that was weird. btw, my chinese school graduation was CANCELLED...AGAIN... Blizzard 2005 did this. it's good though because i'm mad sick and now i won't be coughing and sneezing during the ceremony. that worked out well...

i feel like shit right now, but it's not as bad as earlier this week. on tuesday, i stayed for the habitat meeting after school and then noah convinced me to go tutoring at webster. i felt like shit then but i was like, might as well go since noah is desparate for a ride there. then i promised rachel that i would be at hebrew school because i wasn't there the week before and i left her there with only one person to talk to. i felt like death in a box when i got there but i stuck it out and then i went home and collapsed on the couch. my mom took my temperature and it was 100.9. stupidly, i went to school on wednesday. i left school early and didn't go on thursday. i looked horrible on friday. i hate putting on makeup to make me not look like death. now i just have a cold.

whoa, i ended up writing almost everything that i said in the first deleted entry.

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9th January 2005

11:24pm: just finished downloading the video for no sleep till brooklyn since the video isn't on any of the dvds that i have. same with fight for your right but i downloaded that a while ago.
they were so freakin hot...

i was looking at beastie boys pics from their tour. damn they're old... i'd post the pics to show you if they didn't freak me out so much.
sorry guys...
Current Mood: crushed

8th January 2005

7:59pm: ...Monkey tastes def when you pour it on iiiicccccceeeee
stuff i forgot to mention in my last entry...

i meant to say i hung out with dahnanaqua, shkarin, la'quamanda, and jessquecia. mad cool.

also, has anyone that reads this, all three of you, ever had a brass monkey? i really want to try it. damn... it probably tastes like crap.
if anyone would like to make me one:
2oz rum
2oz vodka
4oz orange juice

mix it chill it drink it

12:04pm: Brass Monkey, That Funky Monkey
I hung out with dahna, karin, amanda and later jess last night. we went to see Darkness. sooooo badddd. the ending was maddddd weird. anna paquin is really pretty. carlos sucked - chaauuupshh(whipped sound - how do you type that?). i suck at driving at night in places i don't really know. i took the scary way to new roc. it scares me because it reminds me of a highway. driving with other people in the car scares me.

I am so lucky that Chinese school was cancelled today because of the weather upstate because now the schedule is postponed. it turns out that i had my chinese school graduation on the same weekend of the tifty ski trip. shit, that would have been really bad. i've been going to chinese school since i was 4, i CAN'T miss my graduation. i will miss my class though, i have been seeing them for every week, well most of them, since the very beginning. i've known them for so long... it sucks that I won't see them every week anymore... i might not even see some of them ever again... wow, that really depressed me : ( <-- that's seriously how i look right now while i'm typing it and thinking about it.

HAPPY NEWS!! i got into college!!!!!!! my suny early action schools both accepted me! suny binghamton and suny albany. my cousin goes to suny albany... i got the same deal as him in the honors program. that would be weird if we both went there. i wonder why he chose suny albany over suny binghamton. i guess if i don't get accepted anywhere else, i'll have to go visit both of them. haven't visited them yet...

jump is a weird looking word...

(Brass Monkey)
Current Mood: JUMP !!!!!!!!!!!

3rd January 2005

9:19pm: i'm really bored right now, taking a break from ap gov, so i guess i'll update. nothing's going on though... umm.... so i've been saying "bombdiggity" a lot lately. where is that from??? i'm scared to say that it's from bring it on again, but is that where it originated? yeah... i saw that movie on usa or tnt or something like that one sunday morning. yeah...it sucked. yeah... i wasn't attracted to the scruffy guy at all. yeah... i'm being superficial. yeah... i have the first one on dvd. yeah... jesse bradford's hot. wait, how did this start?
Current Mood: blah

1st January 2005

8:56pm: It's Time To Turn The Page To A Brand New Chapter
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 2005!!!!!!!!

So for New Years, I went to Dahna's to chill for awhile and then I went to pick up my dad from temple because he went to temple...on new years... then i went back to dahna's. then at 11, i went home for the tradition of drinking martinelli's sparkling apple cider, eating some kind of fruit tart/cake from hay day (now balducci's), and watching the ball drop on tv! dick clark wasn't there this year : ( so we watched jay leno! funny stuff... our cake this year was strawberry and chocolate mousse cake. it was just a chocolate mousse cake covered with strawberries all over the top of it. soooo goood. i spent today doing a lot of work and i still have to get more done so i guess i'll do that tomorrow. i finally saw anchorman tonight with my brofo and brett. it was relaxing after working all day. mad funny movie

Brick Tamland: I love... carpet.
Brick Tamland: I love... desk.
Ron Burgundy: Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?
Brick Tamland: I love lamp.
Ron Burgundy: Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?
Brick Tamland: I love lamp! I love lamp.

(Finger Lickin' Good)
Current Mood: happy new year!!!!!!!!

30th December 2004

9:56pm: The bingo the lotto you know I'll never win those
so today i went into the city with my dad to meet one of his friends, rosalind, who's an entrepreneur. she's really really rich, my dad knows because he's her accountant, and it's also just really obvious when you look at her apartment. we stopped by at her apartment on 5th ave, she gave us the grand tour. it was really nice with two floors. then she told me her life story as we ate an indian food lunch. she started this internet business way before the internet was big and then she sold her company to these europeans and that's how she made her millions. she sold it right before there was a big market crash too so she was really lucky. she has two daughters, 15 and 12, and she told me all about them. omg, one wants to be a chef and so her mother helped her start a mini-catering company thing and she's got clients now. her mother also set her up on quickbooks and that's where she can calculate the money and profit part of her "business." and the weird thing was, she told me that she started and kept going with her business, not because of the money, but because of her passion for it. the money just came with luck. i would never be that lucky... but hopefully i'll have a job that i love some day and all i hope for is that that job that i love pays a good amount of money that i could actually live off of.

my dad and i went to tkts so see if any good shows were available, but the show i wanted to see was at 2pm and we were not going to make that after we had lunch with rosalind. umm, oh yeah, we went to virgin megastores and there was this sale on all of these cds. they were just $10 each. they weren't crappy cds either. i got 3, foo fighters, weezer, and u2's the joshua tree (because i still can't believe i still don't own it).

(Car Thief)
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